Quit Sugar!


Have you ever felt full after a meal, but still ordered dessert? Or eat cookies just because they were there?

No matter how full you are, you still have room for dessert!

Do you feel that is impossible to escape or resist sugar cravings?


Sugar is not a bad guy if consumed in moderation. But if you eat too much of it all kind of problems can occur.

If you are in this situation I take you already know how addictive sugar is. It is said that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Because after eating sugar your brain releases domain and serotonin the feel-good chemical which lights up your pleasure system. So sugar gets associated with pleasure by your brain making you craving for more. Also sweets taste good, too.

Side effects of too much sugar:

damages your liver elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides
weight gain high blood pressure
affects your insulin and leptin production affects your heart and your arteries
decreased HDL and increased LDL cholesterol levels damage your teeth


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Methods that works

Replace sweets with fruits. Every time you want something sweet eat a fruit. Your body will ask for something and you will give him something else.

But it will do the job and it will stop the craving for the moment. When that craving will come back repeat the process.

After a time you will see as you will crave sugar less and less, until no more craving.

Eat green beans. It really works, don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. But it really works.



Methods that can work for you:

Eat more protein. A meal that is rich in protein help you stay full for longer and it is possible you reduce your sweet tooth.

Drink a glass of water. This works for some people. This happens because when you are dehydrated your body can crave for sweets. You can easily solve this if you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

But once you are dehydrated even if you drink plenty of water it will take some time until your body will rebuild his water deposits you will still want to eat something sweet until your body will get hydrated.



Foods that stops sugar cravings

Spirulina Beans Beets Smoothies
Veggies Lean Proteins (lean meat) Fiber Chia Seeds
Vanilla Oatmeal Fruits Yogurt
Berries Healthy Fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, olives) Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes





Practical advice

Don’t eat artificial sugar. Even if it has zero calories, it still has unhealthy effects on your body and can make you crave more sweets.

If your craving is so big that you can’t stop yourself from eating sett, and it will happen. Chose to eat dark chocolate. Because dark chocolate is the healthy sweet and it has less sugar.


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