Best healthy ways to lose weight


Eating healthy and losing weight are related. Because foods that are healthy are high in nutrients and low in calories and they will help you lose weight.

There are many ways to eat healthily and lose weight but most of them will leave you unsatisfied and hungry. And because of that, you will end up to your usual eating habits.

In this article, I will tell you what foods to eat more because of their unique health properties, what foods are unhealthy and can make you gain weight. And at this point, you are missing one ingredient: a system that will motivate you and make you accountable so you won’t stray from the plan.


Eat foods that are high in nutrients

There is a relation between nutrients and calories that a food has. When one increases the other is decreased. So foods are low in one and high in other.  Because of this, you can have foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients or the other way around, but you can have both.

And at this point is you choose which type of foods you pick. Rich in calories and low on nutrients like process foods. Or rich in nutrients and low in calories like vegetables.

Yes, I encourage you to eat more vegetables and fruits. I know you heard that a lot! But vegetables are full of vitamins (nutrients dense) compared with bagels for example that are calorie dense.

So here is a short list of healthy vegetables that you can eat:

These foods can reverse and prevent many kinds of diseases. Don’t you believe me? Then I suggest you read the book “Eat to live” by Joel Fuhrman.


Foods You Should Eat Less Often

Your body is efficient at using food as energy and because of that, you don’t need as much energy as you eat. And from a physical point of view, our lives are not so demanding.

Because of that, your body doesn’t need too much energy to function. And the extra energy that you put in your body is stored as body fat for later usage. But your body never gets the chance to use that fat stored because he always receives new energy from the food that you eat.

Foods like the ones listed below will get you high calories making you gain weight. While not providing enough nutrients so you will have vitamins and minerals deficiency.

So it is better to avoid or eat less of:

– process foods, because they have added sugar, fats, salts, other chemicals and additives

-sweets, because of the high content in sugar but without any vitamins, fibers and minerals

– junk food, fast food, are high in calories low in nutrients and are unhealthy

– fried food, because a food that was fried loses vitamins and minerals and it gets high in fat

– liquid calories,  like sodas, alcohol, fruits juice are not healthy because liquid calories add calories without changing your appetite. So no matter how much soda you will drink, you will eat the same amount of food afterwards and the calories from the soda will add up what the calories from what you eat.


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How to change your eating habits

Changing your eating habits is something hard to do and it takes time. Think about it like this: you have these eating habits for so many years so changing them will not happen overnight, it will take time.

From the knowledge that I have and from my experience with weight loss I gathered the best ways and tools that can help you change your habits. Now you don’t need to do all of this, you can do only one. Butt if you want to do more is not a problem.

You need to be patient because things won’t change overnight. You gain weight over time and you will lose it in time. The idea is to make things sustainable. You don’t want to do a extreme change that you can’t sustain for more than 4 weeks and after that ending up to your usual eating habits. Also, eat healthy because it will help you lose weight.


Make things easier. This idea is simple if something is hard is not sustainable. Here you have to find yourself a solution that fits your lifestyle because each person has his own eating habits.

But I can give you some ideas that you can use.

– change your breakfast first, eat a high protein breakfast. When you feel comfortable move forward and change your lunch, eat real food and as many vegetables and fruits as possible.

when things become easy you should do the same with your dinner.

–  two nonconsecutive days per week eat write and for the rest of the week eat as you usually do. Aftersome time you can go from 2 to 3 days and so one from 3 to 4 until you change your eating habits.

–  another idea. You have bad eating habits, you eat sweets, drink liquid calories, eat process foods, junk food, fast food, fried food. Replace each one with its healthy alternative but do it slowly over time, give your body time to adjust. Replace one thing and when you feel comfortable change something else. Some things can take less time while other needs more time, months even.

Replace sweets with fruits. Liquid calories with water. Fried food with boiled, grilled or baked. Replace process food with real food. Replace junk food and fast food with vegetables. Aaa… you get the point.


Write everything down. Are you afraid that you are not motivated enough? Don’t worry, just write down what you eat and this will keep you accountable and focus on your weight loss journey.

There are studies showing that keeping a food journal can help you lose weight. And you can see it everywhere on the internet, everyone is telling the same thing “write down what you eat”. Because it really works!


Reward yourself. This is not my idea but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I tested it and makes sense. Your brain is searching for an immediate reward after doing something. It doesn’t make sense to him to do something now and get the reword months or even years from now.

So chose a think that you like and use it as a reword. But don’t use food as a reward. Or cheat days.

Do you like movies? So use that as a reward! Do you like to read, watch TV? use that or maybe you like social media?


Failure is normal. This is something that you need to internalize. Failure is something normal! No matter how smart you are or how motivated you are failure will always be a normal part of the process. So don’t get discouraged when things don’t work as you plan. Because from failure you can learn valuable lessons without which you can’t have success.

Or you can use intermittent fasting or count calories as a way to lose weight.


Final word “be persistent” because weight loss is not a sprint, but a marathon. And to help you, even more, I have created an easy two-step system that can help you lose weight. To get the actual system for free just enter your name and email below, it doesn’t cost you anything.



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