Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine

Dumbbell exercise services as an important portion of the daily exercise regime and without it, the whole strength training routine stays incomplete. But it has been seen that many people always opt for the same type of dumbbell exercise when they start training which doesn’t provide them the effective result. Basically, dumbbell workout allows you put every part of your body at work and that too without covering many places. This exercise is more than mere arm exercise as it assists you to have full body workout.

Whenever you go to the gym, you will find people performing a squat with dumbbells and alternatively chatting with their friends. Most of the people hardly opt for any other dumbbell exercise other than the ones suggested by the trainer. So there is a lot of dumbbell workout they miss during their training time. The following article will present the details of some dumbbell exercises that you are missing during strength training program.

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

Dumbbell Romanian deadlift is a unique variety that put pressure on the hamstring. In this exercise, you need stand straight, and the dumbbell should be your side. Then you need to lower your hip and bend your knee slightly so that the dumbbell goes slightly downward. It is crucial to keep your back straight so that you can put pressure on the hamstring.

Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch

Many people avoid single arm dumbbell snatch from their routine, but this is a highly efficient workout. At first, you should stand in squat stance and then place your hand in from the knee with the dumbbell. Now you have to lift the dumbbell high above your head, but you need to keep it close to your body. You have to channelize the force from your hips, and when you pull the dumbbell near your chest, you need to go down in a squat stance. Then you again go to squat stance while shooting down the weight.

Dumbbell Front Squat

This is an easy dumbbell workout where you need to stand straight and hold the dumbbell on your shoulder while keeping the elbow up. Keeping the feet hip-width apart, you should go down while keeping your back straight. You should go down until your hip goes below your knee putting a lot of pressure in the needed area and then again come back in the neutral position.

Dumbbell Side Lunge

Working on your leg and glutes with the help of dumbbell can be done by performing dumbbell side lunge. At first, you should stand in straight posture keeping your feet apart and hold a dumbbell in both hands. Then you need to attain lunge position by pushing your left foot extreme to the left while pushing your hips back. After this, you need to move your dumbbell near the ground so that the chest moves over the left knee and your right knee is bending position.

Dumbbell Floor Press

Dumbbell floor press is similar to bench press where you need lie down on the floor, and you need to keep dumbbell on each hand. In the beginning, you need to keep your knee in a bending position then position the dumbbell in such a way that is parallel to your shoulder. Your elbow should rest on the floor before starting the workout. Then you push the dumbbell upward so that it is above your head.

Bent over Dumbbell Raise

Bent over dumbbell raise are an active chest and back workout that you can immediately feel the effect. At first, you need stand straight keeping your feet slightly apart from each other and slightly bending your knee. Then you twist your body in the forward position so it is parallel with the floor and you have to hold the dumbbell in both hands. After this, you raise both of your arms to the shoulder height and then slowly put them down in the first position.

Bent over Dumbbell Reverse Fly

People often miss out to perform dumbbell exercise that strengthens their arms and shoulder. In bent over dumbbell reverse fly, you first have a stand and maintain the slight distance between both of your feet. Then slightly bend your knee and also bend forward in such way that the torso is parallel to the ground.

After getting into this position, you should keep the dumbbells in the downward position. Then keeping the elbow bent, you should raise your dumbbell to a position where your elbow goes over your shoulder. You can also perform this with best adjustable dumbbells.

Dumbbell Shoulder To Shoulder Press   

Dumbbell shoulder to shoulder press is another highly functional exercise where you have to stand up straight and keep a fair distance between your feet. Then hold both dumbbells with your hand and then rest your hand on the shoulder.

After this, you need to first pull one hand up in the air and then pull the other arm in the same direction. While both of you arms above your head, you need to slowly pull down the first hand and then for the second.

Renegade Rows

Renegade rows are a core dumbbell workout that actually strengthens your body, and you will find hardly anyone performs this exercise. At first, you need to go in push-up stance and keep a safe distance between your feet. While going in the push-up stance, you need to place dumbbells in each hand. Then you need move your chest slightly forward so that it is parallel with a dumbbell. Then you need to pull one dumbbell towards your chest while keeping close to the torso. After this, you need to put it back on the ground and repeat the same with another hand.


So here is a brief list of dumbbell exercise that you are probably missing from your daily dumbbell workout routine.

This article was written by  Santanu Majumdar, a part-time blogger who currently blogs at DailyFitnesstips4u.com. He is also a health and fitness lover who loves to share his ideas on health, fitness, and beauty. You can check him out on Twitter and Facebook